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When the Control Is Selected

This section provides validation when the EIP Queue Field receives focus (when the user TABS onto, or mouse CLICKS the EIP Queue Field).

Lookup Key   
Type a key label from the lookup file, or press the ellipsis (...) button to select a key from the Select Key dialog. A lookup file is a file, which contains all the valid values for the entry field, which are directly accessible through a unique. For example, a file containing all of the customer numbers for your application could be a lookup file. The key label could be CUS:KeyCustNumber.

Tip This lookup validation works best with a single component unique key.

Lookup Field      
Type the label of a component field of the lookup key, or press the ellipsis (...) button to select a field from the Select component from key dialog. This is the field within the key that contains the same value being validated. Ideally, this field is the only component of a unique key.

Lookup Procedure   
Type a procedure name, or choose an existing procedure from the drop down list. This is the procedure that is called when the user enters an invalid value, and the lookup specified above fails. The usual purpose of this procedure is to allow the user to choose a valid value from the lookup file. Select procedures (or Browse procedures) generated by Clarion's Wizards) are appropriate for this purpose. Alternatively, you may hand-code a procedure.

Currently not supported by the EIP Template.

When the Control Is Accepted

This section provides data validation when the EIP Queue Field loses focus after data have been entered in it. The EIP Queue Field loses focus when the user TABS off the EIP Queue Field, mouse CLICKS to a different EIP Queue Field or window, or closes the window without canceling.

tip The 'When the Control Is Selected' and 'When the Control Is Accepted' sections are not mutually exclusive, so you can provide validation at both points.

Automatic Entry Field Completion   
Check this box to activate automatic entry field completion.

Perform lookup during non-stop select    
Checking this box tells Clarion to perform the validation when the window is accepted, even if the entry EIP Queue Field never received focus. From a practical viewpoint, checking this box prevents the user from entering blanks by virtue of having pressed the window's "OK button" without ever TABBING or CLICKING onto the entry field. This option is only applicable to the When the EIP Queue Field is Accepted section.

Enable Emediate Record Update
When checked the column when in EIP mode will be updated emmediately. Note when used it is recomended that the number of columns is minimized to reduce flicker when it is updated.

tipThis is especially usefull when the column is transparent.

More Field Assignments   
Press this button to specify additional value assignments from the selected item's record. You may specify multiple assignments. Press the Insert button to add a new assignment. For details see More Field Assignments

tipIf you want to write your own code for any type of column validation it is recomended that you use the More Field Assignments. Here the template will convert the code to use the edit in place queues automatically.

Accesses the Embedded Source dialog for points surrounding the event handling for this EIP Queue Field only.