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File Actions
File Dialog Header   
Type the text for the caption of the Windows file dialog.

Return file Name Only   
Check this box to return file name only.

Long Filenames?   
Check this box to enable the Windows file dialog to allow the selection of files with long filenames.

Remain in Column
By default, when the user selects a date from the calendar the date is populated into the column and the focus field is advanced to the next column. If Remain in Column is enabled the focus will remain in the date column after the date has been fetched from Calendar.

Enable Emediate Record Update
When checked the column when in EIP mode will be updated emmediately. Note when used it is recomended that the number of columns is minimized to reduce flicker when it is updated.

tipThis is especially usefull when the column is transparent.

File Masks

Use a variable file mask   
Check this box to supply the file mask with a variable. This enables the Variable Mask Value field to name the variable, and disables the Mask Description, File Mask, and More File Masks prompts.

Mask Variable    
Names the variable that contains the file mask. See FILEDIALOG in the Language Reference for information on the contents of this variable.

File Mask Description   
Type a file type description. The string appears in the drop-down list in the Windows file dialog. You can add additional masks by pressing the More File Masks button.

File Mask      
Type a file mask specification, such as "*.TXT" or use multiple patterns for this mask separating each with a semicolon, such as "*.BMP;*.GIF". You can add additional masks by pressing the More File Masks button.

More File Masks   
Press this button to add additional file masks. These masks are available to end the user through the List files of type drop-down list in the Windows file dialog.


More Field Assignments   
Press this button to specify additional value assignments from the selected item's record. You may specify multiple assignments. Press the Insert button to add a new assignment. For details see More Field Assignments

tipIf you want to write your own code for any type of column validation it is recomended that you use the More Field Assignments. Here the template will convert the code to use the edit in place queues automatically.

Accesses the Embedded Source dialog for points surrounding the event handling for this EIP Queue Field only.