Can I use arrays with the EIP Template?
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I have added a couple of array columns to the browse box. The EIP Template is configured but the application won't compile without errors.


To illustrate this we have created an array field consisting of two dimensions called ITM:Test. Each dimension has its own column in the browse box.

In the control template for the update buttons select 'Configure Edit in place'. Then select the 'Column specific' button. Now you see a list with all the columns in the browse box. Notice that the columns containing a dimension of the array field is called ITM:Test[1] and ITM:Test[1]:


Start by selecting ITM:Test[1] and press the 'Properties button. Notice the object name:


The object name 'EditInPlace::ITM:Test[1]' is an illegal clarion label which causes the compiler errors. Change it to EditInPlace::ITM:Test_1 (notice without the '[ ]'). Do the same with the rest of the array dimensions e.g. dimension two = EditInPlace::ITM:Test_2.

When this is done you can compile and use edit-in-place with your array columns.

tipThe Object Name can be anything you like as long as i
t comply's with the following rules for a Clarion Label:
1.A label may contain letters (upper or lower case), numerals 0 through 9, the underscore character (_), and colon (:).  
2.The first character must be a letter or the underscore character.  
3.Labels are not case sensitive (i.e. CurRent and CURRENT are the same).  
4.A label may not be a reserved word.