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The most frequently asked questions from our support statistics:

If you face a problem in the EIP Template or ask yourself "how do I do this or that...", please take a moment and categorize your question: is it related to a particular Class (e.g. EditCheckClass) or is it a general "how-to-accomplish" question. See How to get Technical Support for further details.

I have found a bug in the EIP Template, what do I do?  
Automatic Entry Field Completion does not work  
How do I set a Check box  
The check box marking disappears when the user leaves the Check box entry  
I want to set a constraint where quantity must not exceed 100, how do I do that?  
I get some vertical bars and overlapping text  
I'm stuck and can't seem to fix a problem I'm having with the EIP Template  
Is there any plan to implement X? Where X is a cool feature that you just simply can't live without  
I would like to try out the EIP Template in my program before I purchase it.  
What is the best way to print the help file?  
Can I use arrays with the EIP Template?  
The help file does not display pictures