Feature List
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Currently the number of features have exceded 1000 and it seemed pointless to write such a feature list or even counting them.

The template support the following Clarion Edit classes:


The EditCalendarClass is a new Class added to Clarion 6 which enable the use of a Calendar. This class is not avalible to Clarion versions prior to version 6. Instead The EIP Template comes with an additional class called EditCallProcedureClass which enables you to call any procedure which could contain for example a calendar or a calculator from any third part developer. You can also use this class to call your own procedure when the user is in Edit in Place mode.

For every class there is a whole range of template settings which will enable you to add additional functionality without coding.

Other template highlights:

·The template supports multi-user applications with an automatic optimistic concurrency check.  
·It has extended record validation settings  
·Key Action lets you set an action for a specifick key e.g. setting the Enter key to work as a Tab key. You could also assign for example F5 to preload the contents of a variable.  
·Colors   selecting a specifick color you can select a field that contains the value to use for coloring based on a condition.  
·Update an image control on the same window as the browse box based on a list of images stored in the list.  

For a more details on all the features you will have to take a closer look at this manual. If you have any additional question or requests let me know