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Help ID   
The Help ID field (the HLP attribute) takes a string constant specifying the key for accessing a specific topic in the Help document. This may be either a Help keyword or a context string. A Help keyword is a word or phrase indexed so that the user may search for it in the Help Search dialog. When you fill in the HLP attribute for the EIP Queue Field, if the EIP Queue Field entry box has focus, when the user presses F1, the help file opens to the referenced topic. If more than one topic matches a keyword, the search dialog appears. When referencing a context string in the Help ID field, you must identify it with a leading tilde (~).

The Message field (the MSG attribute) lets you specify text to display in the first zone of the status bar when the EIP Queue Field has focus.

The TIP attribute on an EIP Queue Field specifies the text to display in a "balloon help" box when the mouse cursor pauses over the EIP Queue Field. Although there is no specific limit on the number of characters, the string should not be longer than can be displayed on the screen.