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The Image template settings can update an image control on the same window as the browse box based on a list of images stored in the list. An example of this is the The EIP sample application showen below:


When the user scrolls through the list the image control in the lower left corner (the bear) changes according to the image contained in the image column.


Update Image Control
Check this box to enable Image Control updating from a file in the Browse.

Update Image

Image Control
From the drop down list select the image control you want to update.

Field To fill From
Select the field in the Browse from which the Image Control is updated.

Reduce Screen flicker
Property of a window which allows you to select off-display background re-paints. This can dramatically reduce screen flicker in some situation (such as animated GIF images), but incurs a potentially large memory overhead.

Selecting Fast allocates a permanent memory buffer for the window. This is quite fast, but incurs the most memory overhead.

Selecting Slow reallocates a memory buffer for the window each time a re-paint is required. This is slower, but incurs the least memory overhead while still reducing flicker.

Do Not Reduce Screen flicker
This is fastest and incurs no memory overhead, but may create flicker in some cases.

Disable the EIP Template code generation
When checked the EIP template code generation is disabled. In this case when compiling no EIP code will be generated.

tipThe Disable the EIP Template code generation can be used for debugging. This is equilivant to deleting without actually deleting the template. The advantage is that you can keep all the template code setting.