The EIP sample application
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This sample application ( was original created by Russell Eggen in a two part article for ClarionMag called:

1.   Extending ABC's Edit In Place - Part 1, Published 2001-06-15
2.   Extending ABC's Edit In Place - Part 2, Published 2001-06-22

To quote ClarionMag: Russ Eggen has heard it all when it comes to Edit In Place (EIP). Well, here's a dirty little secret: ABC's EIP features are fully functional.

He is right and you can read all about how to code this yourself in ClarionMag or you can just study the EIP sample application and see how easy it is, just using the EIP Template.


The application also includes some enhanced features to show you how to use Edit-in-place when:

3.Based on a condition.  
Using the Edit-in-place, how to set up:

1.Automatic Entry Field Completion  
2.Drop List entry.  
3.Check box entry.  
4.Edit file lookup  
5.Spin box entry  
6.Field validation  
and much more...