The EIP Template Embeds
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The EIP Template has its own embed points. By adding your own embedded source you gain a powerful customization capability. You can write your own code to execute at any defined point in the source code. The Application Generator adds your code to the code it generates, at precisely the point at which you specify.

The EIP Template embed points works exactly as any other embed point in Clarion.


When adding your own code to the EIP Template embed points you have to remember that any edit in place column is a queue. To manipulate the contents of the queue you have to use the following syntax:

BRW1.Q.Column Name

BRW1 is the Object name of the browse box. The object name for the browse box can be found in properties for the Browse box on the Class tab:


Column Name should be substitutet with the name of the column.

tipIf you miss any extra embed points for the EIP template send your request to